Precious metals for precious futures

With a 1,100-year heritage, The Royal Mint has a long and strong heritage. In today’s complex financial world, Signature™ makes it easy to invest in gold, silver and platinum with The Royal Mint. So if you’re looking to invest for a rainy day, for your children’s education or to help fund a big purchase in the future, investing in precious metals could help you achieve what’s precious to you.

With each purchase, you’ll have full legal ownership of the precious metal. For complete peace of mind, it’s fully insured and held in The Royal Mint’s precious metal storage facility – one of the UK’s most secure sites, guarded 24/7 by trained security staff.

Just as important, Signature™ gives you complete control of your precious metal. You decide when and how much to purchase, how long to store it and when to sell.

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New to investing?

Signature™ makes investing in precious metals easy and accessible to everyone – even if you’ve never invested in gold, silver or platinum before. You’re always in control, because Signature™ is built around you. You can choose when and how much to invest, and how long for. And you can relax, knowing that your precious metal is safely guarded at The Royal Mint until you decide the time is right to sell.

Opening an account is simple, and takes just a few minutes. Why not get started today?

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Did you know?

If you had invested £10,000 across precious metals (gold, silver or platinum) in 2007, it would now have a value of £20,000, giving a return of £10,000.

Metal 2007 – Price per troy ounce 2017 – Price per troy ounce
Gold £342.72 £972.76
Silver £7.15 £12.96
Platinum £607.11 £805.87

The above figures are approximate, based on historic metal prices. The return is based on an equal spread across the three precious metals, being gold, silver and platinum. They do not take into account inflation or the deduction of any fees, including annual storage fees.

Simple steps to invest in Signature™

It’s quick and easy to open a Signature™ account and start investing. Just follow these simple steps – you’ll be up and running and purchasing your precious metal in minutes.

Open your account
You’ll just need to complete a few personal and payment details and you’re all set up.
Fund your account
Put in whatever funds you’re comfortable with either by bank transfer or debit card – to trade now or in the future.
Choose your value and your precious metal
Gold, silver and/or platinum – the choice is yours.
Make your purchase
Buy as much or as little as you like, from just £20, in a few clicks.

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