I want to be ready for that big purchase

If you’ve got solid plans for the future, you’ll want to be prepared for that big purchase or next run on the property ladder. That’s where an investment in precious metals could be considered. Whether you’re looking ahead to a deposit for your own home, a new car or the trip of a lifetime, Signature™ could help.

Purchasing gold, silver or platinum is now easy and secure.

How Signature™ can help

You can access your account wherever you are, 24/7
Deposit and go
From just £20, you can start your investment journey by purchasing precious metals with Signature™
Gold, silver and platinum are all available when you’re ready to investment
You can trade your precious metals and withdraw funds whenever you want

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Did you know?

Putting the equivalent of the cost of your gym membership into your Signature™ account each month could be a good way to accrue a precious metal portfolio over time, with the aim of getting you one step closer to achieving your long-term goals.

Simple steps to invest in Signature™

It’s quick and easy to open a Signature™ account and start investing. Just follow these simple steps – you’ll be up and running and purchasing your precious metal in minutes.

Open your account
You’ll just need to complete a few personal and payment details and you’re all set up.
Fund your account
Put in whatever funds you’re comfortable with either by bank transfer or debit card – to trade now or in the future.
Choose your value and your precious metal
Gold, silver and/or platinum – the choice is yours.
Make your purchase
Buy as much or as little as you like, from just £20, in a few clicks.

Ready to get started?