Lunar Silver Coins

Lunar Silver Coins from The Royal Mint

For centuries The Royal Mint has drawn upon its unrivalled heritage, experience, and craftsmanship to evolve and meet the needs of an ever-changing market. In 2014 we struck the United Kingdom’s first Chinese Lunar coins, introducing a new series and a United Kingdom first. The Shēngxiào Collection, named to honour the Chinese zodiac, is a celebration of the UK’s diverse multi-cultural society. At Chinese New Year, gifts and tokens are exchanged, particularly the gift of money in red envelopes, symbolising good wishes for the recipient’s health, wealth and prosperity. These Lunar coins from The Royal Mint embrace this globally observed tradition, lending a unique British angle to an ancient tradition.

The Shengxiào Collection

The Royal Mint’s fusion of British and Chinese tradition began in 2014 with the first design by British-Chinese designer, Wuon-Gean Ho, celebrating the Year of the Horse.

This was followed in 2015 with the Year of the Sheep coin, in 2016 with the Year of the Monkey coin, and in 2017 with the Year of the Rooster coin. Now for 2018, we are pleased to launch the new Year of the Dog coins.

Each year a new zodiac animal will be celebrated, with the animals’ traits attributed to those born in a given Lunar year. Symbols of prosperity, Lunar coins are perfect for those looking for variety in their Bullion portfolio.

Wuon-Gean Ho is an artist of Chinese descent, born in the United Kingdom. She created the reverse design for the first Lunar coin from The Royal Mint, struck for the Year of the Horse in 2014, and has once again drawn upon her Chinese and British heritage, blending them in her latest design celebrating the Year of the Dog.

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The Sovereign, gold & silver Britannia and Lunar Bullion coins are exempt from UK capital gains tax for UK residents only, due to being legal tender.